Patent Search Companies

July 5, 2016

There are a variety of patent search companies out there that perform patent searches, including at highly discounted rates. But beware: search results are not all created equal. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Identifying a few patents and placing them in a fancy binder does not make a good search.

Important questions to ask before commissioning a search include: Do you know who is performing the search? Is it a patent experienced attorney? Have they ever done searches before? Have they ever obtained patents for clients? At Patent Excavator, you will get a search. You will get an opinion. It will be by attorneys who have experience and training with patent searching. Your opinion will be rendered by a U.S. patent attorney and you will be able to contact them to discuss your invention.

Beyond just receiving bad patent searches, in some cases, patent searching companies may actually be fraudulent. Watch out for “free” inventor kits, slick binders that conclude or guaranty a patent, and then ask for money up front. It is always just safer and smarter to hire a real patent attorney. We hope you will hire us to get a real patent search and opinion.

We encourage you to look into any companies and make sure they have not been investigated or found fraudulent by the FTC: