How to Do a Patent Search

July 5, 2016

The best way to do a patent search that will actually inform you of your legal rights and options is to hire a competent patent attorney. Of course, it is also important to familiarize that attorney with the invention in question so the search can be properly targeted. The more information you can provide about the problem(s) solved, and how your invention works, the better the quality of search results you can expect to obtain.

There are public keyword platforms, such as Google Patent and the USPTO, that we feel are useful and intuitive, but it takes a properly trained U.S. patent attorney to be able to identify the novelty in question, then explain the results of the search in light of the U.S. legal standards of:

  • Patentable Subject Matter under 35 USC §101
  • Written Description and Enablement under 35 U.S.C. §112
  • Novelty under 35 USC §102
  • Obviousness 35 USC §103

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