Real patent searches by U.S. patent attorneys

How it Works

Real Patent Searches by Registered US Patent Attorneys
Patent Excavator is a service for people who want a real patent search.

One that is easy to understand and that produces meaningful results.

We provide a comprehensive search report written by registered American patent attorneys who speak English fluently and who will write an easy to understand patentability assessment.
After reading bad patent search reports from services of marginal value for over a decade, we created Patent Excavator as a new search platform for individuals and businesses to get an alternative to patent services that merely use algorithms, or keyword searches (from inadequately trained people who do not understand the novelty in question.)

Also, rather than sending your confidential information (and payment information) out of the country to places where concepts of legal privilege and confidentiality barely exist, at Patent Excavator, your information is kept on encrypted platforms, in the United States, and under the closely guarded supervision of licensed attorneys regulated by State Bars and the U.S. Patent Office.
It is our opinion that most cheap online searches do not produce meaningful results, and ultimately cost inventors more because they do not allow intelligent and informed decisions about their rights.

Our philosophy of patent searching is simple. First, we make sure our patent professionals thoroughly understand your invention. We do this through a combination of intake on this website and by a follow up telephone or Skype consultation.

Second, after a brainstorming session, we perform thorough classification based patent searches across national and international databases.

Third, we write a report that discusses the most critical references we located, which concludes with a reasoned opinion about patentability of the concepts. Lastly, we are available to discuss the results as part of the fee.

Real patent searches, real attorneys.

To get started on your search click here. The initial confidential form you fill out will allow us to run a conflict check to make sure we have no conflicts of interest. Assuming this is the case, within one day we will direct you to a secondary link that will allow you to make a thorough and confidential disclosure of your invention. Your complete patent search and patent opinion will be delivered to you in 14 days or less.